Clarabelle is a secondary character in The Mickey Mouse universe and a supporting one in the Mickey Mouse Playset.

In Disney All Heroes Edit

In DISNEY ALL HEROES The Videogame she is a NPC. Clarabelle makes her first appearence waiting at the DB. She makes a conversation with Horase:

Horase: What'cha doing?

Clarabelle: Stop it! I have special information!

Mini: Hey Clarabell! What's that special information you're talking about?

Clarabelle: I know where's the Beagle's lair!

She then gives you the mission "Defeating The Beagles". After that she appears along with Hary and Fastwritten giving you the mission "The Final Battle". At the end she is seen cheering along with the other NPCs.

Missions Edit

Defeating the Beagles

The final battle